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About Us

What We Do


Augusta Home Organizing Services covers a large portion of the greater CSRA. Our mission is to not only help clients

organize their homes and businesses but to help them organize their lives. Remember, the first step to an organized life is an

organized home. We do it all; organizing, decorating, and home staging. We even provide packing and unpacking services for people moving in or moving out of the area.


Let us help you organize your bedroom, your kitchen, or your living room. Give us a call if you're ready to redecorate your

home, but don't know where to start or just need a second opinion. Through home staging, we can turn your residence into 

an inviting home that prospective buyers would love to live in rather than just a house prospective buyers easily pass over.


We are a versatile personal services provider. If you've got any kind of problem that involves a need to get organized, if

you've got a project that requires hard work and good organizational skills, if you want to bring order out of the chaos in any

aspect of your life, call Augusta Home Organizing Services now.








How We Came About

The age of mass-consumerism is over fifty years old and yet shows no signs of slowing down. The steady, almost compulsive accumulation of new things - new gizmos, the latest new products - has become the norm in Western

society. It's reached the point that people's homes are overflowing with things they no longer want or need (or never needed in the first place).


Rather than take control of their spending habits and re-evaluating what's really of importance in life, many just go

on buying more and more until they're finally forced to rent storage spaces just to have room to hold it all. As a result, the storage industry has become a booming business over the last twenty-five years. One keen observer of modern

life has remarked that we no longer own our things, our things own us.


What's to be done about this situation? If you're one of the many whose closets and garage are stacked from floor to ceiling with belongings you rarely or never use anymore - or worse, if you're paying a monthly rental fee just to store

it somewhere - now's the time to consider down-sizing. And if you need a little help making that change, Augusta

Home Organizing Services can lend a hand.


Why We are the Right Choice


Countless studies have shown the power of our surroundings to influence our mood, our thoughts, and our behavior. Studies have also shown that for most people, chaotic, disorganized surroundings cause stress, depressed mood, 

and unfocused thinking. This is a prescription for bad decision-making and counter-productive behavior.


Augusta Home Organizing Services will not only organize your home but design an organizational regiment based on your own specific organizational style. Let us help you create a harmonious, well-ordered environment in your house. By transforming your home you can begin the journey of transforming your life.