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Our Process
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  • Determine what the client not only   wants but needs.                                                                                          
  • Compose a detailed list of all  supplies required for the project.                                                              
  • Create a plan of action, including how many hours it will take to complete each  project  
 Step 2.
  •     Select  what  items  are  kept like family mementos.                                                                     

  •     Identify  what  items  are  donated  like  old  clothing.                                                                 

  •     Choose what items are sold like well-kept but outdated furniture.                                           

  •     Decide what items are thrown  away like  things that are torn, broken, or  stained.

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                 Step 3.
Giving Everything a Home
  • Group and label like items.                                                                                                                

  • Organize paperwork and  implement a filing system.                                                                     

  • Designate easy to access spaces for heavily used items.                                                              

  • Store infrequently used items in containers.                

Once the organization process is complete, clients frequently have things left over that they no longer want or need. There are three options for this situation: 1) throw it away; 2) give it away; 3) sell it.

Disposing of Excess/Unwanted Items
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Throw It Away
There are very few things that have absolutely no value. Many old household items - old furniture, old electronics, etc. - can be refurbished or at least recycled. For those things that have outlived all usefulness, Augusta Home Organizing Services can dispose of them for you.
Give It Away
Here at Augusta Home Organizing Services, we believe that donating un-wanted and excess property to charitable organizations that serve the needy is one of the best solutions for de-cluttering and simplifying your life. 


Giving is an act that signifies a shift in perspective about what's important in life and what's not (Hint: People are important, not things). Giving is an act that feeds the soul of the giver as well as the receiver.
Let Augusta Home Organizing Services help you help those in need. We can provide you with a list of reputable organizations in the Augusta area, and if you wish, we will deliver donated items free of charge to the charity of your choice.
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Sell It
When times are tight and you need to generate a little extra income from things you no longer want or need, Augusta Home Organizing Services will help you organize the things you're ready to sell. One of the many services we offer is to help you get prepared for a yard sale. Contact us today if you're ready to de-clutter your home and make a little money in the process.
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